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The cleansing month

The cleansing month - Lawrence Condon

On my opinion, holidays are all about the family. If you don't have someone to share the joyful spirit of Xmas, than I feel sad for you. What can be more beautiful than gathering around the Xmas tree with your dear ones and enjoy a warm drink while listening to some memorable family stories?

No family is perfect, we all have a black sheep or someone we might not be entirely happy with, but when holidays are approaching, it’s time to forgive and forget. What would be the point to drag all the negative energy into the New Year?

I read somewhere; I can’t remember which magazine was it, that December should be considered as a cleansing month. A month throughout which we are supposed to learn to leave behind all the bad things that happened to us during the year. The first step was accepting the facts, embracing the path that has been laid in front of us. Only by doing so, we would be able to understand that there is a purpose for everything. That things do not happen randomly, they simply fall into place, once we stop fighting against the current.

The second step of this cleansing process was forgiving others and us. According to the article, once we gained the peace within, we would be able to heal all tormenting wounds. That would enable us to be more open, show more compassion and empathy towards others.

This Christmas, our family will be one member short. We’ll all miss our brother who recently moved abroad. A few years back he left Montreal for a business opportunity in Alberta, where he was doing paving contractors Edmonton. Two months ago, he returned to Montreal, just to let us know he was leaving Canada. He sold his company and went to South Africa. Apparently he got a great managerial job offer from one of the multinational companies doing business there.

From what I understood the perks were amazing. The company was paying his rental fees, his maid, and the gas for the car and close to a thousand dollars for business expenses. When he was talking to us about his new position, it sounded too good to be true. It was definitely an opportunity that he couldn't refuse. Who would?

Being single, made things easier. He didn't have to worry about uprooting his family, finding schools for kids, separation from family, or any other issue we might have had to consider before moving abroad.

Well, we’re certainly going to miss him!


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