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At dad’s house

At dad’s house - Lawrence Condon

My dad moved from Toronto to Mississauga last year. He sold his condo and purchased a bungalow there. He was half a year away from his retirement and did not mind commuting for a few months, even if it was during winter.

Why Mississauga and not Scarborough, Brampton or Markham? Because the prices were lower in Mississauga. Within the past decade, the real estate prices went really high in Toronto or its surrounding cities. He said that it was a good time to purchase a property in Mississauga, because the prices will go up and his property will have a higher value within only a few years. He mentioned that his real estate agent showed him some numbers that left him speechless. He had visited some properties that went from one hundred and sixty thousand dollars to two hundred and fifty within two years only. Lots of people working in Toronto, were looking for houses to buy or rent in Mississauga. There was a demand, but the prices were significantly lower compared to Scarborough or Toronto.

Since the house needed some renovations, he hired a contractor to do the necessary work. He was told that it will take about three weeks until he could move into the house. He was fine with that, because he was supposed to vacate the condo only at the end of the month. It was a good thing he had added that clause in the real estate agreement he had signed. 

On the second week he got a phone call from his constructor. It was bad news. He needed to hire Plumbers Mississauga to resolve the basement problem. His diagnosis was not precise. He feared that the drain blockage might have been due to septic system failure. He wished to have a specialist analyzing it and ensure it was safe to continue the work. He even recommended someone to him. 

Since my dad knew nothing about it, he asked him to handle it and send him the bill. Within two days, the problem was solved. It turned out it was a false alarm, and the water back up problem was only a drain blockage. Dad was pleased to hear the news. It was definitely much cheaper to solve this issue than the other. 

At the end of the month, his place was ready to move in. The washrooms looked great. I really loved the changes done by this constructor. The finishings were clean and his work was neat. I kept his phone number, thinking I might use his services for my place.


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