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Going West

Going West - Lawrence Condon

Before embarking in my two weeks trip through the Rockies, I received a fair amount of tips and advices from my family and friends on driving through the mountains. Or maybe I should say tips on how not to get myself killed on driving on Alberta asphalt while crossing the Rockies.

Since my mom shared my vacation plans for this summer with basically the entire family, almost everyone felt obliged to share his or her personal experience. I have to admit that I learnt some interesting things from listening to all their stories, but in the same time I was tired to going over and over again. I told mom that if I any other relative is interested in talking to me about it, they could email me. Honestly, the internet was offering much more valuable info, and more recent. Websites like TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet or Tripket, offered so many reviews on almost any place on Earth. I read whatever I could find online before planning my trip.

Nevertheless I saw surprised to see how many members of the family had travel to Alberta. I wasn't aware that except me and my younger cousin Gill, everyone went to Alberta to see the Rockies, as if it was Mecca. It seemed that most of them had done this trip when they were somewhere on their thirties.  Well, I guess I am the first to does it in the twenties. Fine, in my late twenties.

I will be taking off in less than three weeks from now. I look forward to discovering all the amazing places I've read about and all the breathtaking mountain views I've seen on the net and in the photos my family members showed me.

I’ve already made all the travelling arrangements for me and my girlfriend. Oh, did I forget to mention, she's coming along? I probably did. Well, initially she wasn't sure if she would be able to take her two weeks of vacation in August, but last Wednesday her supervisor approved her vacation request.

Therefore I rented a car which we will pick up at Calgary's airport. I made most of the accommodation reservations through booking.com. Thus we will be staying in a hotel, then in a Bed and Breakfast and last in a lodge.

All that is left to do is prepare my backpack, charge the batteries for my Nikon and print my WestJet ticket to Calgary. The final countdown has started; we go West soon.


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