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Happy 50th birthday!

Happy 50th birthday! - Lawrence Condon

Last week, I took Friday off and headed to Bracebridge. My sister was having her 50th birthday party the following day. This was a party I did not want to miss. Generally, I don't care much about the birthday parties or the family reunions.

What was different this time? Well, it's not like Gloria turns fifty each year, right? Plus, everyone makes big fuzz over this number. They say its turning point in the aging process.

For me, it’s a realization that we are getting closer and closer to our deaths. Thus, we become more aware of the fact that we spent half of century running after something or someone. We get frightened that anytime we could close our eyes and never wake up. It's the moment when the body starts having a mind of his own, disregarding on what one might think.

During the party someone asked me what I thought about this milestone. Since I didn't want to ruin anyone’s celebrating mood, I kept these thoughts to myself. I said it as a joke that “after fifty everything goes downhill”.

Gloria’s party ended late in the night, around 1 AM. I went to bed around the same time. I was exhausted. I needed at least ten hours of good sleep to sober up. I was supposed to drive back home and I wanted to be rested.

Sunday I woke up late. I had a quick brunch and left. On the highway 11 north, ten kilometers away from the city of Huntsville the road had one lane closed. On a distance of two or three kilometers the asphalt was removed. There was only gravel on the road. The road paving slowed down the traffic. It took me seven hours to get to Montreal instead of five and a half!!!

When I was passing through Vaudreuil, I remembered that Friday, I was supposed to pass by my old friend Tom and pick up a truck restraints for my dogs. It totally slipped my mind.

I took out my phone, put my headsets on and dialed his number. He answered my call right away. He knew I forgot about our meeting. He said he was home and invited me over for dinner.

I accepted. Ten minutes later, I was at his door. I told him all about my sister's party while we had a glass of wine. He was delighted to hear all the details.


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