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No more condo fees!

No more condo fees! - Lawrence Condon

When I bought my duplex, I had no intention to keep it. My plan was to do some repairs, and then resell it within a year or two maximum. Because I had put a big down payment, and the top apartment was already rented, the mortgage was covered. And it did give me an extra of two hundred dollars per month.

I thought that if I was able to do some quick renovations on the main floor apartment, I could get it rented for almost a thousand per month. It was a huge 5 1/2 with a fully finished basement, two washrooms and a small backyard.

I could have rented the way it was, but I wouldn't have got more than seven hundred in rent. Thus, I called my son and asked him what he could for me. I explained that I wanted to change the washroom`s tiles and bathtub, varnish the floors, change the master bedroom window, and remove the wallpaper from the basement`s walls.

He had a look around the apartment, and he told me that it would take about three or four weeks to finish the job. I was happy to hear that. Honestly, I was thinking that it might take longer. I knew that he was really busy during the warm months. I barely finished my thought, that I heard him saying he would not be able to start working right away. He asked me if it would be fine for me to have him start in November. He was fully booked until then, and he didn't want to overlap his projects.

Given that he was the only constructor that I knew, not to mention that he was charging me only for the materials and for his assistant's hours, I couldn't say anything but a gladly “Yes. Deal!”

Therefore, last November, he started the renovation. On his second day of work there, he called me and said that I had mold in the basement. He had removed the wallpaper, and underneath was mold everywhere. I was stunned. When I did the inspection of the house, I saw no sign of water infiltration in the basement. I asked my son if he knew anyone who was doing mold removal Montreal.

He started to laugh loudly. I was confused and asked him what was so funny. He replied that even after ten years of working in constructions, his dad would not know still, what he was doing for living. He added that there was no need to look for someone else, because he was able to deal with the problem. He went with me through all the steps of the mold removal process. He added that it might take probably an extra week to finish the work, but I was fine with that.

After six weeks, the apartment looked amazing. In fact, it looked so damn good, that my wife decided to move in. She said that we could sell the condo and keep this duplex. No more condo fees! As any other wise man, I listened to my wife. You know the words:”if the woman is happy, everyone else is happy”!


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