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Planning my next trip

Planning my next trip - Lawrence Condon

Last year, a good friend of mine, took a trip in the west of Canada, through the Canadian Rockies. He flew to Vancouver, stayed there couple of days, then rented a car and drove all the way to Calgary, via Kamloops and Banff. He loved the drive. He wouldn't stop talking about it, when he got back. He showed me the photos he had taken during his trip; they were amazing.

I have always wanted to visit the western Canada but none of my friends was interested in going with me. They would complain that it's either too long the drive, or pricey, or I don't know what other excuse. Thus, this summer I am planning to take two weeks off and finally go west. I already started to plan my trip, to make my itinerary.

Since I will be going alone I thought of putting an ad on Craigslist for a rideshare. Maybe someone will like to join me. If he, or she, would like to chip in for the gas, even better. If not, that it will be fine, at least I will have company while driving.

So, to get back to my itinerary, I will take a flight from Montreal to Calgary. I will stay one night in Calgary and the following morning I will rent a car and drive north, towards Edmonton. It will take me around three hours to get there. I heard from my friend that the roads in Alberta are very good and the Edmonton asphalt is smooth, not like in Quebec. Thus, I will spend the day in Edmonton, going around, visiting the city.

The next day I will drive from Edmonton to Jasper. I saw on Google Maps that it will take around four hours to get there.

My next stop will be Kamloops. I’ll spend the night there, and then head towards Vancouver. This way I’ll get to enjoy the drive and the scenic landscape, instead of driving for straight eight hours and getting tired.

I'm probably going to stay couple of days in Vancouver, and then drive back towards Calgary.

Only that on my way back, I will go through Banff. I’m planning to stop for the night in Kamloops again, especially that there is a lot of road work being done on the Trans-Canada highway. Therefore even if the traffic will be delayed, I won't spend the whole day on the road, driving.

I will check on TripAdvisor what can I do, see, and visit in all these cities. I would like to take advantage of my time there and see most of the main attractions. I won't be taking trip again soon, thus I better do everything now.


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