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The sticker

The sticker - Lawrence Condon

Two months ago I moved out of my hometown. I took all my belongings, packed them, and placed them inside my car. I put an add on Kijiji for a rideshare companion, but no one called. Therefore I drove alone to Toronto.

Given that it was the first trip I ever took outside Edmonton, you can imagine my excitement when I arrived to Toronto. I felt just like a country boy who came to the big city. I was impressed by the six lanes highway, the dense population, its diverse culture and the incredible nightlife.

Toronto is an amazing city which has something to offer to everyone.

I knew it was a big city, but I never expected it to have such an impact on me. In my ignorance, I assumed that it was similar to my hometown. You if have any plans for travelling soon, choose Toronto as your destination. You will not regret it!

When I got here, I rented a basement apartment in the old Toronto area, on Danforth. I love my neighborhood.  On my first days here, I discovered there was a Starbuck close to my place. Thus, I have made a habit of going there in the morning before work. I am addicted to their pumpkin spice latte.

Because I pass by daily, I know the girls who work there. When I get to the counter they recognize me and they ask me if I get my usual. I smile and nod my head.

Among them, there is a cute blonde, with a sweet East European accent. This morning it happens to be her at the counter. I asked her if she had a lighter. She handed me one, and asked what made me think she was a smoker. I replied that I have seen her smoking outside the other mornings. She started to laugh.

Right before handing me the change, she added that she could join me outside in two minutes.  I took my latte and stepped outside. When she came out, she asked me if I was from Edmonton. I was surprised. She continued saying that she read the sticker on my car. It was my turn to laugh.

I explained to her that when I bought my car, I got it for really cheap from a guy who worked for blacktop paving Edmonton. The price dictated that I accept the car the way it was. That meant I had to keep the sticker with the company`s name on my car.


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