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Thumbs up!

Thumbs up! - Lawrence Condon

After a long four years of studying, I was in for a change of pace. I wanted to cool my head off, somewhere. Studying in UT, is not that easy as you could think. It takes a lot of tiring nights and days off work on projects, lab reports, presentations, assignments and countless nights of stress.

Well, I am glad that it’s done. Now that I finally graduated, I will be looking for a job in my field right. Right after a month vacation. I decided to travel to Montreal, the city my fellow students have been bragging about. Loads of restaurants, beautiful French women, and a buzzing night life, that I so desperately need. “Montreal is the place to be” my friends would say. So Montreal, here I come!

I thought that I will take the bus instead of driving. Plus the bus ticket was one of the cheapest tickets that I ever bought. It costed me only twenty-two dollars for a round trip. Megabus had a special promotion going on. “Works for me!” I thought. Anything that makes me save money, I will do.

I had worked four summers for this vacation. I decided to blow all my earnings in Montreal, and have an incredible time. By the end of my vacation, I managed to blow three thousand dollars. I had no Idea that blowing off steam, would cost me all my hard earned money. “Well, you have to enjoy life once in a way”, was something that my dad used to say.

When I arrived to Montreal, I had one of my friends, a former colleague from UT, waiting for me

Anton took me to his place, which was an mansion type house, in one of the most expensive areas of the city. I knew he was from Jewish background, but I had no idea how wealthy his family was. Not that it mattered to me, or that would have changed anything in our friendship.

In the first evening he took me to dinner somewhere downtown, close to St-Laurent boulevard, on a cobbled street named Duluth.

The entire neighbourhood looked so European, so French. It reminded me of my trip to Paris.

Montreal was so different to Toronto. I wished I had chosen Montreal to study instead of staying in my home town.

At the resto, we met other friends and we had a great time together. After dinner we went clubbing and got home around 4 AM. When we came out of the club, we were all hungry and we decided to grab a sandwich or something to eat. We ended up on a small terrace, eating poutine, and a smoked meat sandwich. As soon as we sat down, it started to rain. We were lucky that we were under the awning, so we didn't get wet.

I loved that most of restos had awnings montreal. I found it so pleasant to be outside, even during the rain. And that was only my first day! Thumbs up for Montreal!


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