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Web Sites To Create Your Own Logo

Web Sites To Create Your Own Logo - Lawrence Condon

Once I developed my own website and decided to do some SEO promotion (thank you to Toronto SEO Company for their advice), I would strive to make it well-known on the Internet. I decided to make the logo for it but I had a very tight budget at that time so I couldn't afford to hire a professional designer who would make the logo. So I started inquiring on what I could do myself and how I could do it for free —or almost for free. I saw some very convenient websites where I could create my logo without having to pay money. Among them there were such great services as Logotype Maker and Cool Text. I really enjoyed using them. Here I'll tell you about some more useful services for making your own logo for free.

Flaming Text. It offers the free service for developing of the logo's design. It's also very easy to use. In "logo categories" I chose the type of my logo: business, movies, nature, children, Web 2.0 and others. Then I personalized my logo like I'd done in Cool Text. After that I clicked the button "Create Logo". Flaming Text's logos can be used for free for personal and study usage. If the logo is created for commercial usage you are to pay $ 9.95.

The next two services offer tools for quick and easy developing of your own logo. However, they're not free for downloading. You'll have to pay some money to download your logo.

Logo Ease. It is the free online service for creating logos. It is very easy to use it. I needed three stages to create my own logo.

- I chose the image. Images are organized according to categories here. For instance, abstract pictures, flowers, houses, space and time, letters, holidays, animals, etc.
- I personalized my logo. I added the text, chose the form of writing, magnified the frame and letters (you can also make them smaller), rotated the text and the image, changed the color of the image and the text. Finally, I clicked the button "save" to save the logo. Remember that only registered users can save their logos here.
- I downloaded my own logo. The logo can be downloaded only after the payment. The logo can only be created for free, not downloaded on your computer.

Logo Maker. It is the next free web app for developing logos. I discovered that it had the similar principles of working as apps described above, and the quality of logos created through it was the same as well.  


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