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When Security is Job No. 1

When Security is Job No. 1 - Lawrence Condon

There are many kinds of businesses where adding a simple anti-virus software package is all you need to handle your needs. This keeps bugs from getting onto your system and protects you from attacks. Even a silly employee who attempts to download a file that may contain malware can be stopped by this program and so all is well.

That may be true for some companies, but for many others there is a legitimate concern for security that goes well beyond that. That is true of my company. An anti-virus is like a level one aid in the security of my network when I need a level 30. Yes, anti-virus software is important but it goes way beyond that.

I need protection for my whole network. I need to protect that network so that if one computer his hacked in some way that the system shuts that machine off the network and protects the other computers on my system. I need upgrades and features that keep people from getting keystroke monitors or other Trojan devices onto my computers. Most importantly I needed a system that can protect my data.

With so many breaches of systems around the world where stores are finding that hackers have broken into the company’s data and stolen records of employees and customers I find that this is the No.1 concern of most business owners and executives. We need people that know how to do the job right the first time and every time afterward.

I am not a large cnc cutting company, so I need to find IT companies to do the job for me. I need a company that I can trust, and that is what I went out to do. I need to protect my data and keep my system from getting hacked. The amazing part is that I found a few companies that can do just that.

There are a few IT companies that are masters at security and data protection. I found one that was really close to my office which made them the ideal choice. They set up a great backup system and put in a series of programs that helped to keep my system secure. I also liked that they added a program that immediately warned me if someone was trying to get into my system or if some program was doing something it shouldn’t have. Now I sleep better at night.


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